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. liz: breaking news. it involves a stock you may own in your portfolio. ibm, the ceo, virginia rometti has been named by ibm board of directors to chairman of the board. her appointment would be effective october 1st of 2012. the current chairman, sam palmisano who ran the company for many years very successfully. he will be a senior advisor to the company until he official officially retires on 2012. palmisano retiring january 1st of the year. rometty becoming chairman of the board. she has been at ibm since 1991. she joined after being a general motors institute engineering student. northwestern, first woman ever to run ibm. so, a real trailblazer there for virginia rometty. >>> typically, let's get to this story, investors look to price to earnings, p-e ratio or price to book value when picking things like stocks but we have one money manager who invested in small cap stocks based on a different strategy and his fund has really done well, gaining 19.4% annually over past three years, not just one year. the t. rowe price director of quantitative equity research joining me right now.
was marching to virginia, wrapping up his herd to charlotte to work. key swing states ending up in norfolk, virginia. keeping of the criticism of mitt romney. >> my opponent had the chance to offer his secret sauce. he did not offer a single new idea. it was just the same old policy that has been sticking it to the middle-class for years. >> reporter: michele obama will be the first big headliner of the convention tonight. she will speak to the nation about the president as a husband, father, an advocate of the middle-class. look. david: have fun. it sounds like they are. >> reporter: i'm going to. going to go down here with the delegation. liz: they have been having a great time. and we are covering every inch of that, just as we did the republican convention. election day just about two months away. your money could very much be at stake. one former head fund manager sees to issues that could affect the financial markets. david: a former white house economic advisor for the first president bush. author of the book rush, why we thrive in the rat race. good to see you. thank you for coming
was established in the 1913. one key person was gold democrat, carter glass, the great legislator from virginia. the design of the federal reserve system was to support the gold standard. and that is in fact what was the case from the very, very beginning. so the founding of the federal reserve system was qoins dent with the gold -- coincident with the gold standard and was only meant to create a slightly more lasting currency. david: since this recent financial crisis began back in 2008, the federal reserve has gone on a money printing spree here in the united states, printing anywhere from 2.4 trillion to $2.7 trillion in order to buy up bonds, including a lot of government debt directly. they say, hey look, so far we don't have inflation so there is no harm in it. to what you say? >> 2% inflation as opposed to a greater level of inflation, there is such a panic in europe that everybody was racing out of the europe into the dollar. holding dollars the fed created instead of spending them same in the united states. because of the economic situation in the united states, many people are using d
of america covering 43,000 union employees from virginia to massachusetts. the two sides are at odds are pensions to my wages, and a health plan. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. liz: breaking news. adobe is rebounding after falling pretty precipitously on first blush of the news that mr. lobotomize that beat on revenue. listen. the ast had been at $30 change. here we have it. very close to the closing value. adobe coming back in the after market session. david: you have to stay with us for the entire hour. gold, let's talk about that. but most investors think of it, they usually think about etf. investing in physical gold can be very risky, particularly considering the fickle stores that we are seeing a lot more of liz: gold bars with tungsten ore different metals and the inside. one company makes it easier than ever for the average investor by physical gold and store it in secure fault tolerant the world. then the thing. the co-founder -- co-founder and president. and his business? what is the attraction of doing coulter way? >> i t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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